A reflection on your 1st year

Everything about this first year was a challenge because I was learning how to mother you. I was learning how to meet your needs. I was learning how to balance being your mother, your daddy’s wife, an employee at my job, and student. But one thing is for sure, loving you was never challenging. LovingContinue reading “A reflection on your 1st year”

Christmas card MESS into Christmas card SUCCESS

I just finished my large serving of our Thanksgiving feast and like clock-work my body knows it is time for Christmas decorating. After I pull my large collection of holiday totes from the attic, I pour myself a glass of wine and relish in my sea of Christmas decor. All the sparkling red, green, andContinue reading “Christmas card MESS into Christmas card SUCCESS”

An Open Letter to the Brand New Momma

  I couldn’t have been more excited to go on maternity leave. It was going to be that long-awaited vacation I had been working for. I dreamed of the days of lying around in my flannel PJ’s and rocking my adorable newborn, all while sipping on that XL Starbuck’s coffee I had been missing forContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Brand New Momma”

Attend your own funeral, Change your life

Have you ever thought about what your funeral would look like? Like who would come to mourn the end of your earthly life, the things they would have to say about how you lived, and how you made them feel. Because now  all that is if left of your human life is what you have leftContinue reading “Attend your own funeral, Change your life”

The Greatest Playlist for the Worst Days

After a grueling day at the office do you ever just get in your car and want to crawl into the fetal position? I know I do. Each day seems to be getting longer and the workload has no end in sight. That lengthy monotonous drive home seems to just add to your frustration of theContinue reading “The Greatest Playlist for the Worst Days”